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        Are you looking for a healthier alternative to acrylic nails?

        Do you question the cleanliness of "discount" salons?

        Are you worried what the chemicals are doing to your body?

        Are you looking for something COMPLETELY NATURAL looking?


My Name is Noelle and I have 30 years in the nail industry, 15 of them exclusively doing gel nails. I have owned 3 salons in AZ and CO and have my Masters Certificate from Creative Nail Design. About 15 years ago, I became allergic to acrylic so I went on a quest to find a healthier product. I switched my clients over to the gel and they all loved it! After trying a few, my friend and co-worker finally found Brisa Gel by CND.

About My Sanitation Procedures

Before I owned my own salon, our salon owner required all her booth renters to take a half day infection protection class. It made me realize how easily diseases can be spread and how unsanitary some salons are! You can take comfort in knowing that I have always exceeded the state board requirements for sanitation and always had perfect scores at inspections. I hand file using a new file on each client, each time, that you get to take home.

About Brisa Gel Nails

Brisa (Hard) Gel nails are a wonderful way to extend the length of your nails because they are strong, perfectly clear, do not yellow, will not get gummy with suntan lotion, do not lift, stay shiny for weeks and there is no odor! Also, they never need soaking off as they are a non porous product and don't break down like acrylic. Gel nails are for women who want a natural look. I do not do french manicures because they are not natural looking.

Once in a while you might need a repair, (no artificial nails are perfect.) I do not charge for repairs on my own work, even if you smash a nail in a drawer. I start out a brand new set, using a nail form. I build out the gel tip. I customize the tip color to match your own shade of white on your natural nail. This way, they grow out looking very natural, no fake looking white tip! This also eliminates the need for back fills using a drill because the tip color always matches your own natural nail. Eventually, your own nails grow out and you keep the clear gel coat over the top for strength. You get them filled every two to three weeks. You do not ever want to go longer than that between fills. They will become unbalanced and can cause injury to the natural nail underneath.

About Gelish Gel Polish

If you are lucky enough to have gorgeous natural nails of your own, I also do what is called a "Gel Manicure." I use a product called Gelish which is a gel/ polish hybrid which makes it the best of both worlds. It goes on like polish, but it wears like gel. It will protect your nails better than just polish, allowing them to grow longer. Your hands go under the UV light to cure it between coats. It can last up to 2 weeks and  your nails dry when you leave the salon!  I can also do a "fill" with this product if you do well with it.

How to Switch From Acrylic or Hard Gel to Gelish Gel Polish

If you are wanting to switch from acrylic or a hard gel like Brisa or your nails are recovering from acrylics and have been painfully drilled to death by the "discount" salons, Call me first, before YOU take them off! I can save you months of damage and anguish! I developed a growing out process where I file down the bulk flush with your nail and do a "fill" using the Gelish Gel Polish. We do this every two weeks like usual and the old product grows off without any further damage. Then we can continue with the Gelish Gel Polish on your own natural nails.

A SAFE Pedicure

Although I am not doing pedicures anymore due to back problems, I work with Jen, who does great pedicures and fabulous hair too, if you are looking for a new stylist. You can call the main number at Momentum Salon to schedule with her. 480- 940-7377.

I still want to pass on a few tips to a SAFE pedicure. For your own safety, do not shave your legs the day of a pedicure. Shaving creates microscopic cuts and makes it easier for bacteria to enter your body. 

Do not have a pedicure if you have any signs of a fungus or injury. As nail techs, we are not allowed to work on anyone with an open sore or a communicable disease and that includes a nail fungus.

The State Board of AZ requires a certain sanitizing procedure for all piped, jetted, pedicure chairs between EACH client. Momentum Salon has a pipeless chair which only pushes air out so there is no circulation of water. This is the safest pedicure available.

For piped chairs, (what most discount salons have) after EACH client, the nail tech must drain the water, fill the tub back up, pour in bleach and run the jets for 10 minutes. Then drain the tub again and wash out the tub. At the end of the day they must uncap the jets and soak them in a hospital grade sanitizer such as Let's Touch. The majority of other people's "foot goo" isn't in the tub, it's in the pipes. So when you see a tech just wiping out the tub, that's really sweet but you can still end up with a huge hospital bill. So a "cheap" pedicure really isn't, if your nail tech is cutting corners and risking your life.

If you suspect you may have a nail fungus, please see your dermatologist. There are oral medications that can cure it. There is a common nail disorder called Nail Dystrophy that mimics nail fungus. There is a new product that can treat Nail Dystrophy called Nuvail. 

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Price List

Full Set Brisa Gel                  60.00

Brisa Gel Fill                        35.00

Gel Manicure                         30.00

Soak Off & Gel Manicure         35.00

Regular Manicure                   25.00


A few warnings....

Some of the discount salons are advertising gel nails for a much cheaper price. 

They are NOT gel. They are trying to scam you and this is what they do. 

They put acrylic on you then they put a gel topcoat on and put you under the UV lamp and call it "Gel Nails." I have seen this HUNDREDS of times and you are not getting what you paid for.

There is no such thing as a "gel powder" either. There is a hybrid but it still has acrylic in it. Because of the dishonesty, there have been cases where women had to go to the emergency room for treatment from allergic reactions. This is a huge problem happening all over the country and the BBB is looking into it. If you feel like this has happened to you, please contact the BBB, the Health Department and the State Board of Cosmetology.

Just like everything else, you get what you pay for. Gel nails require a much more skilled and educated nail tech and the product is much more expensive. A full set of "REAL" Gel Nails from a reputable nail tech should cost between $50.00 and $80.00 for a full set and should take about an hour and a half. All authentic gel is in a GEL form and each layer is cured by UV lights. 


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